PAMP (Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux) lies in Switzerland, as well as is considered one of the world’s leading precious metals refineries as well as fabricators. By their own accounts, PAMP creates over half of the world market in Gold Bullion bars and ingots weighing much less than 50 grams. — > PAMP Gold Bars-bars less than 2 ounces PAMP’s specialized is in the refining and mintingof gold, platinum, and also palladium ingots (and also coins for numerous federal governments )evaluating much less than 2 ounces. When you buy gold bars, you’ll uncover PAMP bars are likewise readily available in 1 and 10 ounce dimensions, please see our Gold Ounce Bar web page for prices and accessibility. — > PAMP Gold Bars -assured purity Backed by the Credit Rating Suisse Financial Institution of Switzerland, these conveniently sized 1 to 10 gram gold bars areguaranteed. 9999 pure. Eagle National Mint is pleased to supply the finest in gold bars as well as welcome you to acquire gold bars now. When it pertains to purchasing gold bars you definitely want gold bars that are evaluated as well as certified so that you can quickly confirm the credibility of the gold bars when you prepare to offer them and also dissolve your investment into cash.