Candy bars have been around for hundreds of years. Yes, hundreds. It was a success. However, this chocolate bar and the sweet bars we are familiar with are totally different. It took him eight years to do this. It only took 3 even more years for Daniel Peter to accompany Henri Nestle to create the Nestle Company. This company introduced the renowned Nestle Grind sweet bars in 1938. Milton S. Up until after that it was only the well-off who could actually manage this wondrous confection. Eight years later, in 1908, Hershey started placing almonds in the sweet bars and also the Hershey with Almonds was born. Once milk chocolate became so popular everyone started producing sweet bars. 1914 caused the intro of the Heath sweet bar. Peter Paul Halijian created the Mounds bar in 1921. The sweet bars we are most familiar with such as the Butterfinger as well as Galaxy were introduced to the general public in 1923. 1925 saw the development of the Oh Henry, Infant Ruth, and Mr. Goodbar candy bars. It has actually been reported that 2. However, current researches are hinting that delicious chocolate can in fact benefit you. According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Organization claims that dark chocolate is good for you. Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants as well as it can additionally reduce blood pressure.