Identical bars represent one of the most preferable device for the aiming gymnasts. Description: Roll back on the bars till the butts are above benches; after that put the hips on one bar and also roll up to a resting placement on one bar. Major Hints: Kick one leg up to facilitate lifting the hips. Roll on the bar to a resting position. Roll back till the buttocks are above the bars; then move the hips over to rest on the left bar. As this is done, revolve the left hand to the beyond the bar so that it will be out from under the hips. Stunt (2 ): Straddle MountPrerequisites: Riding seat mount. Description: Curtail from the upper arm hang till the hips are above the bars, then spread out the legs as well as roll onward to a straddle setting above the bars. Teaching Treatments: From an upper arm assistance setting, kick one boost as well as over the head. Not spreading the legs broad. Falling short to lunge the head onward to help with roll. Stunt (3 ): Swing Onward and Dismount (To Left Side)Prerequisites: Some practice moving. Additionally method dropping from the seat on one bar to the ground. Hang on sideways bar for balance. As the body overlooks the left bar, realize the left bar with the right hand; launch the bar with the left hand. Bending the knees as the feet pass over benches. )Safety Precautions: The watchman can stand behind the performer and catch under his outside arm. Remember practice makes best on the parallel bars!.