For the first time we check out a Harslevelu (sorry, no accents) a Hungarian grape found in Tokaji Aszu, a first-rate after-dinner drink. This white variety describes a lime tree. The white wine itself carries a Protected Classification of Origin as well as is created by the Szent Korona Pinceszet winery that has no English-language website. Serving Suggestion: Serve with hen paprika, light meat meals, Asian stir fry. ” And also now for my testimonial. Dessert contained Swiss Dark Chocolate with Orange Taste as well as Almonds. This pairing caused great deals of citrus in the white wine yet its acidity was slightly out of balance. Currently whitey used refreshing acidity and was rather pleasant. Mediterranean olives minimized my glass’s acidity while increasing its sweet taste. A marinaded garlic morsel sweetened the liquid but removed its level of acidity and fruit. Fresh raspberries made it really weak. Last verdict. But I am attracted to taste this grape once again in its Tokaji Aszu manifestation, regrettably valued well out of this column.