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How to be good? – Inspiration list for Christmas

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A friend of mine always says: „Do a good deed every day, to give every day a meaning“. I believe in that sentence, even it is sometimes hard to follow. We are stressed, we don’t have much time, we think of our own problems… But doing something good is often very easy to do. Sometimes you only need to do a very small effort to make others happy – and by making others happy, you become happy yourself!

Especially in Christmas time it’s important to think of others and of the world we are living in. Everyone of you should take the chance to make it a little bit better.

How to be good – An inspiration list for Christmas time (and all the other days of the year):

  1. Write letters to people who are important for you
  2. Bake a lot of biscuits and make people happy with them (friends, colleagues, neighbors, beggars on the street, …)
  3. Invite someone for cinema or a coffee
  4. Give a smile to people on the street
  5. Decorate a community place, so that people enjoy being there
  6. On St. Nicholas’ Day put sweets on the workplace of your colleagues or in front of the door of your neighbors (but don’t tell them from whom they are)
  7. Donate money,clothes or food
  8. Sing a Christmas song with children

  9. Leave the car in the garage and use public transport
  10. Go to a charity event
  11. Organize your own charity event
  12. Visit someone who is lonely
  13. Ask an old lady if you can carry her bag
  14. Wave to someone
  15. Wink at someone
  16. Be interested in what is happening in the world
  17. Apologize to someone after an argument
  18. Try to live without electricity for one day
  19. Try not to produce any garbage for one day
  20. Make a phone call to someone you haven’t spoken to for a long time
  21. Take the time to listen to someone, even if you are in a hurry
  22. Write anonymous nice messages and pass them to people secretly
  23. Let someone else decide
  24. Give more money than usual to the personal of public toilets
  25. Write postcards to distant relatives
  26. Make someone laugh
  27. Make music
  28. Try to see the good things in people you don’t like
  29. Relieve someone from work
  30. Compliment someone
  31. Hug someone
  32. Inspire others to do good things
  33. Make your personal “How to be good”-list
Hmmm, I am wondering, what if everybody  do just one thing of this list?

Hmmm, I am wondering, what if everybody do just one thing of this list?

The writer of this post is Tamara Messer, let her introduce herself: I am a 19 year old girl from Germany who loves the world (at least most of the time). I believe that you can find something good in nearly everything, it only depends on your point of view. In nearly every bad thing a good thing can be found – if you only search for it hard enough 🙂


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