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Tasty food and passion – apartment restaurant in Debrecen

Készítő: Kovács Miklós

Here, in Debrecen, in the middle of the Hortobágy puszta people are suspicious about new things. Either he loves it, either he hates it. But it is certain, what works in Debrecen works everywhere in the country. In the opposite way it does not really works that much.

Apartment restaurant does not mean the same in Debrecen than in Budapest. There are star chefs each and every week who cook for the gourmet audience, whom are waiting for the roasted duck in olive oil dressing with some blueberry souce and some extra eggplant pudding. OK, I went a little far with this joke 🙂

The Randevuz6 Club and Apartment Restaurant is a really good example for a great idea that came from Budapest and the people who created made it a little Debrecen like. And it works! Forbes, Campus Radio, Kiskegyed magazine interviewed them. József Oláh and Huszár Erika thought about opening an apartment restaurant in Debrecen, where people could eat fine dishes in a stress free and cosy place.

The aura of the place

First, (based on the pictures of the webpage) I thought that I will enter to a middle class, old, first floor apartment. Instead of this, I was entered to a cosy room, with antique like furniture, 19th century ceiling, an also with relics as an old, cast-iron and a well renovated equilibrium. Each and every thing has its own story.

„I get this from on old lady living nearby, and that is one of my heritage from grandmother” – says Erika.

The apartment restaurant is in the so called Petőfi house. Petőfi was one of Hungary’s biggest poets with his revolutionary poems. There is a possibility that he lived in this building for a while. József gathered an enormous amount of information about this house before they renovated it, but still, there were grey haired guests who knew a lot more about it. It worked as a forge during the 19th century, and the area was called Váradi Street then.

Projection of passion

They applied for a grant, so they could make their idea. They saved that house from clear devastation, and could open a restaurant where guests would experience József’s creative dishes. City hall and other utility services officers were really surprised that such thing as apartment restaurant exists. They were curious about what would it be like. Some of the Hungarian apartment restaurants still do not have any legal documents, but József and Erika approved theirs as an official restaurant.

Erika is really fascinated and tells a lot about the story of the funding. At first, József is a bit short-spoken, but when I ask about his passion (how to create food) he start to open up.

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„I was attending a chef course, and I have got the certificate. Believe me, it is not about the paper, you won’t learn to cook there. Ever since I was passionate about making food, the kitchen is the place where I can project my creativity. I am simply delightful when my guests are well-contended with my creation.” – József

Connections amongst people

Their unhidden idea was to create a place where human connections can be built approaching from a romantic and a friendly point of view. They get through the phrases of desperate searching for a beloved one above 30 and became acquainted with each other online. That is why they decided that they will help these people. They founded Randevuz6 Club, which they built consciously. Preregistration and introduction with photo required. After that there is a complicated selection rule, where they lot the participants of the date night. They are really aware of the food they dish up to male and female guests. Usually when there are no date night they serve the dishes like home, in a big plate and everyone can take out as much as he or she wants. But could you imagine how it would be like when there are a bunch of strangers who have just met! They will be shy to eat, so they get on date night the food serve in dishes with prepared amounts. Of course the food is not greasy pork or Kentucky chicken wing with barbeque sauce; instead it is some light Italian cousine which is József’s speciality. Networking and mingling is guaranteed!

These little things make perfect what we call hospitality. They are professionals and really pay attention to details, so there would be no night ending with disappointment. On the other way it is true that a lot depends on the attendees’ temperament.

Private events and success

If you want to organise a birthday party or just hang around with friends at a private place, you can do it! You just need to sit down with the owners to discuss the details of the evening / night. They will focus on your needs and try to satisfy them. There are a wide variety of dishes, József’s repertoire still growing, and he is really keen on sharing this with you. Beverages are also available so your mouth won’t dry out 😉

If you think that managing an apartment restaurant is easy I can sure you, it is not. Erika is working 8 hours a day at a multinational company responsible for regional sales and József has his own company for 15 years. In spite of all they could build up something unique in Debrecen, and accomplish one of their dreams. They are looking forward to spread the culinary culture amongst foreign students. It is possible that if you are a foreign student you will organise your private party with exclusive dishes at the Randevuz6 Club or the other possibility is that you will meet with your future mate there. The restaurant fits for groups between 10-12 people who want to sit around a big, wooden table in private. But also fits for a reception with 20-25 people (hen party, bachelor party and other events). It is all depend on you, what will you organise. You can start planning and visit their website here. >>> CLICK!

Facebook page of Randevuz6 Lakásétterem és Randiklub


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