ADA Get Bars are smooth cylindrical steel bars that are particularly designed to help individuals with assistance and also movement in toilets and also various other areas. Typically these bars are in commode stalls or near toilets and in tubs and also showers. They aid handicapped or senior individuals move from a wheelchair to the commode seat. These bars are also found in bathtub as well as shower locations to help people with standing, sitting, climbing, or basic assistance. The side wall grab bar must go to least 42 inches in length as well as it have to be situated an optimum of (or no more than) 12 inches from the back wall surface. There is an exception to the size of the rear grab bar if the wall surface room does not allow the setup of a 36 inch grab bar. In a conventional roll-in type shower with a seat there ought to be get hold of bars set up on the back wall surface as well as the side wall opposite the seat. There need to not be any type of grab bars above the seat. In a typical roll-in kind shower without a seat there must be get bars installed on three walls. In alternate roll-in type showers the grab bars need to be mounted on two wall surfaces, the back wall surface and also the side wall surface farthest from the access area. Once more, get hold of bars must not be set up above the seat and no further than 6 inches from the edge of the nearby wall. ADA Get Bars in bath tub locations have details requirements also. The lower bar must be installed 8 to 10 inches above the edge of the bathtub. In bath tubs without permanent seats the back wall requirements coincide except for the minimum size of benches, which need to be at least 24 inches. The control end wall grab bar need is the same. An added grab bar for the head end wall surface must be installed with a minimum length of 12 inches at the leading edge of the bath tub.